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Pain is too complex to go at it alone!

The Specialized Educational Experience Philosophy

If a patient has the right information and a clinician has the right approach, the synergy of treatment can accomplish amazing outcomes

The S.E.E. Difference

Our strength lies in our ability to reduce complex topics to their fundamental elements. We specialize in taking the mystery out of medicine, so that patients can become an equal partner in the rehabilitation process. We help therapists see their way through the "maze" of patient problems.

Cheryl F. Wardlaw PT MMSc CFMT, Founder of S.E.E.

I know about the pain you feel and the stress you are under. Through the years, I have recovered from migraines, sacroiliac pain, lumbar pain, thoracic pain, neck pain, knee pain and nerve pain in my arms and legs. I've broken numerous bones. I have had severe food allergies, insomnia, and sleep apnea. I have made it through liver disease, gallbladder disease and irritable bowel syndrome. You have to admit, I have "street cred" when it comes to pain. More importantly, I have "street cred" in beating it.

For the past 35 years, I have been a Physical Therapist at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, where I get to "pick the brains" of some incredible physicians and scientists. For the past 30 years, I have taught physical therapy courses throughout the country with a very gifted group of therapists. Daily, I care for patients of every diagnosis, but my focus is the rehabilitation of people who have not yet been able to control and/or resolve their pain.

Through every event of my life, and because of every person I have helped, I am convinced of three fundamental truths:

Please join me in learning about your pain experience, the reasons why your pain hasn't stopped and about developing a winning battle plan to take back your life.

You have the potential to live a very different life.

Let our collection of books / booklets show you the way.

Taming Pain: Lessons from the Trenches (2013 revised edition)

The complete collection of our Pain Trilogy


Written with all the wit and wisdom that Cheryl is known for, this patient focused book explains how your pain isn't just about bones, muscles, nerves and discs being damaged. You'll learn how other systems play a role in your on-going pain. You'll also learn the role what you eat, or don't eat plays in inflammation and pain. Finally, we will build common sense plans for recovery. All along the way, I'll tell you ways to know which problems apply to your situation and which plans are right for you.

Designed for patients, essential for therapists, this 170 page book covers the key information, tests of validity and battle plans needed to understand and succeed in:


Taming Pain Hardcopy 2013 edition ($32.00 plus S&H)


Taming Pain eBook 2013 edition ($16.50 per)

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Taming Pain on CD 2013 edition ($21.50 plus S&H)

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The Pain Trilogy

For those interested in one component of the PAIN TRILOGY, we have individual booklets available. Therapists find these booklets very helpful in enhancing a patient's understanding of dysfunction and the rehabilitation of pain and the physical effects of stress. Let our booklets do the explaining for you!


PAIN: A LOVE STORY (The brain's obsession with your safety)

This book represents my best efforts to simplify the very complex concepts proposed by today's researchers in the growing field of the neuro-pain model. The development of the functional MRI (fMRI) has allowed scientists an intimate look into the greatest processor that will ever be created: the human brain. Further, we now understand that our old primitive view that pain is in direct proportion to the structural damage present (the structural pathology model) is, simply put, WRONG.

In PAIN: A LOVE STORY, you will learn how the pain that started off with good reason has become a monster that won't leave you alone. You will learn the truth behind chronic pain "and the truth shall set you free"! We will explore what has been called, "the neuromatrix model" by scientist R. Melzack. In his words: "pain is a complex, multisystem, disproportionate response, generated by a network of cells within the central nervous system, in response to an actual or perceived threat". Confused by that statement? Don't worry about it. We have pages and pages to turn you into a powerful member of your pain rehabilitation team. It is my hope that this book serves to supplement the conversations your therapist has had with you about this valuable information. Regardless, the treatment plans outlined in these pages have proven effective with chronic pain patients throughout the globe. In my practice as a physical therapist and as a manual therapist, specializing in caring for the most complex cases, I could not imagine a day without having this information in my arsenal.


Pain: A Love Story Color Booklet ($11.50 plus S&H)


Pain: A Love Story on CD (Printable) ($9.50 plus S&H)

Like Taming Pain on CD, this is a PDF of Pain: A Love Story burned to a CD-R. When printing, please refrain from printing the entire book. You may, however, print individual parts and sections for personal use and use with patients. If you plan to print most of the book's sections for a patient, we would prefer you have that patient buy an individual copy of the selection. We would appreciate if printouts


Pain: A Love Story eBook ($7.50 per)

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If there is one natural resource the human race will never run out of, it's stress. The one thing we can't drive into extinction is the very thing we don't need! You can't sell it, but you can sure buy some (high credit card debt). You can't see it and yet it's everywhere! Stress doesn't have a color but it makes us feel blue and see red.

Stress is a silent killer. That seems like a pretty strong statement, but stress WILL kill you. Stress just likes to do it slowly. Some of you already know that stress has affected you: an ulcer, mood swings, or perhaps headaches. But most folks have no idea of the physical changes and physiologic warfare going on inside of them every day. That is, until they find themselves in a very deep hole.

As an orthopedic and neurologic physical therapist at Emory University Hospital for the past 36 years, I have devoted my life to helping others achieve a better life. Using a combination of medical information, physical techniques and common sense, I rehabilitate patients and train therapists throughout the country in the skills needed to come back from the suffering caused by life's stressors. (Sounds like the Dog Whisperer!) It can be done, but it takes YOUR desire to win.

This booklet is designed to arm you with the information you need to understand and recognize stress for what it is. I want to give you the tools to heal the damage that is a natural part of living with stress. None of us can avoid stress. In fact, the right amount of stress is needed to strengthen structures and to motivate you to improve. We are social animals and stress is simply a part of interacting with our "pack". But we don't have to let stress tear us down bit by bit.

Before you can minimize or reverse the negative effects of a stressful life, you have to understand what stress is, what stress triggers in the body and the changes that can occur. Then and only then can you fully embrace your role is taking back your health and happiness. In fact, I seek to move you beyond health, a state of healing. I want you to achieve wellness, a state of being. You deserve it.


Taming Stress Color Booklet ($11.50 plus S&H)


Taming Stress on CD (Printable) ($9.50 plus S&H)

Like Taming Pain on CD, this is a PDF of Taming Stress burned to a CD-R. When printing, please refrain from printing the entire book. You may, however, print individual parts and sections for personal use and use with patients. If you plan to print most of the book's sections for a patient, we would prefer you have that patient buy an individual copy of the selection. We would appreciate if printouts


Taming Stress eBook ($7.50 per)

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Solving the Body's Pain Puzzle.

Soon to be published.


Functional Exercises Manual on CD ($97.50 plus S&H)

The "Functional Exercise CD" is producaed and illustrated by Cheryl Wardlaw in conjunction with the Institute of Physical Art. This CD contains 275 exercises from the IPA certification courses of BET, FOI, FOII, LPI and CTI. Each course section begins with a "postage stamp" directory for easy reference and individual patient ready exercise pages. Download on multiple computers at work for easy access and printing! As an exclusive offer, if you buy a Functional Exercises CD from today (9-19-2013) until the publishing day of the updated version, we will send you a free copy of the updated Functional Exercises Manual (via a method we determine to be the most suitable, which is as of yet to be decided). The publish date of the updated version has not yet been decided either, but the material is nearing completion; I'd estimate three to four months.



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